” As long as it’s not white” – Racist nature of South African state revealed

BREAKING NEWS:- International court warns SA:- “Land expropriation without compensation is illegal in international law”

SA is a sick country – If a bridge collapses and four schoolchildren die, its tragedy is indescribable, but if a barbaric racist then rejoices in the incident, it speaks of a sick spirit and even worse mind

Race row erupted in South Africa after recruitment drive for just black doctors – South African officials advertise 100 new doctors, but not for whites

Ashwin Willemse Walkout – no racism involved

‘One bullet, one Boerekind’ – hate complaint lodged


Job ad: whites only, please – M-Net fires agency over “racist, unlawful and disgraceful advert”

Cursing of white people in South Africa is not considered as hate speech

At Least you still have the land – MTN gives racist comment to customer: This only happens in SA!

Black Farm Murderer who “Hates Whites” shows middle finger to victims families in court