Zuma pulls a Houdini Act, misses Zondo deadline due to Cuba hospital stay

ANC regime blows millions of rands on students to study medicine in Cuba – Costs amount to more than double the amount it would cost in SA

Government will create about 5,000 new jobs in the health sector, wonder if medical professionals will all come from Cuba?

SANDF: Training camps in Cuba and R5.8 billion budget cuts


The One Hundred Million Victims of Communism Remembered at 10th Annual VOC Roll Call of Victim Nations

Worldwide Celebrations as Communist Dictator Fidel Castro Dies!

Mandela, Killer of Nations: Atheist, Marxist, Terrorist, New World Order poster boy, Black Pope, Communist Mass Murderer, Abortionist, Role-player…

Castro and Mandela: Delivered both their countries into Communist enslavement and destruction.