Russian warship ‘Marshal Ustinov’ arrives in Cape Town for first-ever joint drill with Chinese, South African navies

Russia announces that they are writing off R20bn of Africa’s debt

Russia’s bombers and other military aircrafts landed at Waterkloof air base while Ramaphosa leads the African delegation to Russia for talks with the government

ANC president visits Russia for Russia-Africa meeting – Is it perhaps Russia’s first step to get African countries dragged under the Russian wing?

Russians allegedly plotted to sway elections in SA in favour of the ANC party

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Plundered SA Now Too Poor to Afford New Nuclear Power Plants from Russia! Project put on hold

Russian Delegation Headed to South Africa to Discuss Resettlement Plan with Oppressed Boers Seeking Asylum (Video)

15,000 White South Africans to Flee anti-white SA and Seek Refuge in Southern Russia – “A Matter of Life and Death!”

May 1st is Communism Day. Let’s Remember the Victims of Communism and ask Where are the Nuremberg Trials for Communism?


Russian group meets with Zuma days before reshuffle – Putin shows Zuma who’s boss

JZ nukes protocol for his own agenda

Zuma Reshuffled His Cabinet After Meeting With Russian Government – Putin Tells Zuma To Tow The Line