Red Flag of communism is being raised higher in SA – communist ANC-SACP is slowly but surely depriving whites of their rights in the country

Can and will a free and fair election to take place on 8 May after election boycotters already started to wreak havoc by torching a North West school just for being voting station?

South Africans left angry at poor public services, 25 years into democracy – ANC government has failed the people of SA

Ernst and Kallie threatened by ANC, EFF supporters

South Africa is held hostage to the toxic politics of the ANC

Road to December conference: Pandor announced as Ramaphosa’s running mate

ANC has damaged our humanity

Hypocritical, Racist, Undemocratic ANC Regime says Zuma won’t go and that racists are not welcome in SA. Huh?

“Democracy” = Communism. New UK Labour party leader, a hard line Communist, claims “Democracy” will save them.

Castro and Mandela: Delivered both their countries into Communist enslavement and destruction.