Open Borders Kill! Mozambican Gardener WANTED As Suspect in Brutal Execution of Elderly Port Elizabeth Couple

SA is one of 8 states threatened by famine – All the more reason for competent governance!

New multi-million project for Eastern Transvaal raises eyebrows – So far all ANC regime projects have failed and cost taxpayers millions

SANDF involved in shootout between its soldiers and Mozambican border police during routine patrols

South Africa boots former Mozambique finance minister Manuel Chang (The alleged fraudster)

US ‘disappointed’ at South African government for extraditing former minister to Mozambique and wanted him to face corruption charges in America

Cyclone Kenneth hits Mozambique and can do more damage than previous cyclone

“Whites to blame for tropical cyclone Idai” which recently hit Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi says BLF – You sure it wasn’t Jan van Riebeeck, Andile?

The government seems to think a R23m injection of funds, and a team of experts will solve the ESKOM problems

SA is at present without a president, and no one knows who is currently in charge of the banana republic

Warning to all Drivers for the holidays: These are the busiest roads – and days – to travel in December

REPORT – Nhlanhla Nene asks to be relieved of his duties

EU style Supremacy comes to Southern Africa. Do Africans even care about their own identity, languages or culture?

Exposed: Proof South Africa is a major Human Trafficking Destination & Transit country where SA passports are easy!