Farm murder: Farmer gunned down, attackers wearing a SAPS uniform and gear and driving vehicle with blue lights

Book about Tsafendas is another attack against apartheid – Why now?

President is gallivanting throughout the world while violence, protests, murder, strikes are on the order of the day and SA’s debt is getting bigger – wonder if he would repeat his lies on farm murders in SA overseas

Even doing shopping in SA is nowadays a risk – Elderly white man beaten to death with crate in view of customers at Shoprite

WHY have the British nor SA main stream media not reported about this murder of one of their own that occurred in this week in South Africa?

Everyday a farm attack is taking place in South-Africa, this is the naked truth – White genocide at its best and the ANC is denying it!

Here are the most infamous clients Pete Mihalik has represented, now one can only wonder, was this a professional hit?

Investigators are convinced the international extremist group ISIS could be operating in Durban

The two Coligny farm workers to be sentenced

Welcome to the new South-Africa where crime is increasing and faith in cops decreasing

Still, Cyril says everything is ok in SA – Two farm attacks have been reported in the past few hours, where two men who lost their lives

Ramaphosa says that Trump did not have the correct information when he made his statement about land settlement – apparently no land expropriation will take place – Who is he trying to bluff?

The Lesson of South Africa For The West – new Black government fail to stop the murders of whites

Remembering Stompie: Condemning Winnie Mandela

Terrorists just wanted to shoot say victim who was injured during farm attack