King Goodwill Zwelithini (the Zulu King) asks AfriForum for help to fight land expropriation

Cyril Ramaphosa still denies that these tragedies exist – 9 farm attacks including 4 farm murders in 6 days in South Africa

Another murder:- A Kameeldrift woman murdered and they also killed the dogs

SA media lying and regulated by ANC-regime! – First 2 farms up for Expropriation are the exact first 2 farms on Afriforum’s farm list

Malema’s “toy gun” and gunslinging incident: Henchmen’s office raided – 12 machine guns confiscated

195 Farms to be stolen by ANC government and not 139 as said earlier

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Land Confiscation Will Redistribute Poverty, Not Wealth! 180 Billion Rand’s Mortgages, Food Production and SA Economy Will Be Destroyed

Charges laid, social media racist attacks by SAPS and SANDF members

Yes, it’s a genocide, ‘a bloody one’ too

Land Issues: AfriForum, considers legal action against process to amend Constitution:- Ernst Roets

National Prosecuting Authority must be queried if more farm murder cases are withdrawn

Premature ‘conviction’ of Mallett and Botha the result of ‘anti-white’ sentiment

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