Still, Cyril says everything is ok in SA – Two farm attacks have been reported in the past few hours, where two men who lost their lives

You got to be joking! They are totally in denial -Presidency: ‘We reject the notion that he lied’

Farm attacks has surged following the ANC’s announcement of land expropriation without compensation

National Prosecuting Authority must be queried if more farm murder cases are withdrawn

Terrorists just wanted to shoot say victim who was injured during farm attack

#FARMMURDER: Man (73) Murdered In Cold Blood, Dogs Shot Dead – Charl Cilliers, Mpumalanga

#FARMMURDER: Sutherland Shocked After Murder of Riana Louw du Toit

#FARMMURDER: Farmer Brutally Murdered Near Koës – Namibia

Farmer shot and killed on his farm near Griekwastad

Elderly farmer brutally killed in Glendale Heights outside of Ballito

Black Farm Murderer who “Hates Whites” shows middle finger to victims families in court

“ANC have declared all white farms war-zones. White families are targets” – BBC July 1987