Stupid cable thief digs his own grave after he shocks himself to death at substation

Pathologist finds that Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson was dead before crash

Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe has passed away

Mamelodi Hospital is a death trap; new-born baby fell to his death after mother gave birth standing up after nurses refuse to help her

Ford SA decided to compensate after at least 39 Kuga vehicles caught fire, where people burned to death or where injured severely

Daily Maverick Announces Cyril Ramaphosa’s death: R.I.P. Ramaphoria: Born December 2017, Died June 2019

Justice is served! Irate mob castrates, beats ‘rapist’ to death – community are tired of crime and now takes law into own hands

What is the police hiding? Why don’t they want to investigate the Death of Nadia Stephanie Bond? Could it be that the suspect’s daddy attains a high position or have friends with high ranks?

Father brutally beats five-year-old to death in Johannesburg

If the Criminal Justice System refuses to speak for her – I will SCREAM for her: Father of deceased Nadia Bond

Worldwide Celebrations as Communist Dictator Fidel Castro Dies!

Tony Cozier, legendary voice of West Indies cricket, dies at 75