What societal model has the ANC, the party of Nelson Mandela, built in the stead of apartheid – do we finally admit that post-apartheid South Africa has failed as it re-elects hopeless ANC again?

ANC transformed the country into a disaster! In ANC-terms, the list of “transformational successes” is mind blowing, particularly seen in the context with the obsession with race representation at all costs, especially with regard to experience and skills

What must we do with these ‘whites’, minister?

DA leader feels pressure as ‘white privilege’ race row rocks DA

DA KZN strategy moves past taking on ‘the man from Nkandla’

Don’t be fooled by Ramphosa’s ‘New Deal’ or NDZ’s ‘radical economic transformation’

Transforming UCT is becoming a black and white debate again!

Now business owners could get fined if their workplace is too white! ANC anti white racism has no limits

4.6 Million (10%) of SA Blacks (Bantu) live in 7,000 100% race pure Bantu towns, NO Coloreds, Whites or Asians at all!