Young Man’s Life Snuffed Out For A Phone! Donovan Visagie (21) Callously Murdered By 3 Black Men For His Phone! Just Another Tragic Statistic Censored By Mainstream Media!

Treacherous WHITE WOMAN says she is trading her sheltered life of white privilege to vote EFF, you will probably be the first to die and being raped

Municipal workers sleeping and not working all day in Krugersdorp? – It’s been reported that municipal workers arrive every day just to lie or sit around, making more waste than they actually clean UP

Another ANC failure – Carroll Shaw Memorial Centre is far from being a food-providing flagship for Gauteng, Krugersdorp farming NPO is a squalid dump

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Illegal housing development, Tarlton land owners take a stand

Krugersdorp plunged into chaos because of protest marches against poor policing

The Path To Freedom Must Be Decided By The Boer Afrikaner People