In SA where there is a shortage of schools, it has become a norm to torch the few that is left – North West school torched during barbaric incident

Has “South Africa” gone forever? Living as a stranger in your own country… no longer proudly South African!

Parents threaten to burn down school after snake spits on pupil

Amcu criticize – Government not prioritising families of slain Marikan worker in terms of housing, education and skills development

Mighty Zulu, 200 years old this year yet still enslaved. Can Zulu survive the sustained attack from globalist supremacists?

Will Zuma end like Qaddafi who was killed in a Western driven false color revolution that wants to give Malema the power?

Retired CIA Spy died two weeks after admitting CIA involvement in arresting mandela, a “communsit toy” in South Africa

“Apartheid Did NOT Take Away Our Cultures and Languages. Why is your Venda Daughter’s 1st Language English?”

LESS African Languages Published Now Than During Apartheid. Institutional Genocide By English and ANC in SA

“Gat kruiping ANC’s Rubbish Education is training Racist and Sexist BARBARIANS” – Jansen, FreeSate Uni

ANC’s Genocidal Social Engineering denies bursaries to non-African language teachers

Who is Naspers / Media24, or rather, WHY is it? How “Black” is it? How far does the rabbit hole go?

Castro and Mandela: Delivered both their countries into Communist enslavement and destruction.

Was the The White Giant of Africa GOOD for Black South Africans? German statistics seem to say so.

SA Matric results “an illusion, a fraud and poor indicator of state of education”