Sexual harassment at schools worsens, learners and teachers are targeted

New school buildings may never come to black schools – too few trained black teachers to successfully teach learners – Black learners will be accommodated at other state institutions such as Afrikaans schools

Only in SA! – 300 Primary School Teachers Fail Grade 3 English Test – 30% pass Matric rate is clearly showing

Knowing that the brightest employees in the Government are White, so now the Government wants public servants to retire at 55, just another sly move to get rid of white people

South Africa’s education system has another problem: As many as one in 10 teachers at public schools are AWOL on any given day

Month-end 33% of teachers in black South African schools are AWOL – Inadequate funding is not the main cause of South Africa’s poor-quality education, the teachers are the problem!

The ANC regime needs to take responsibility for the chaos in SA schools – too few schools for black learners has been built as well as a shortage of resources, now traditional Model C schools are forced to cater to teach English speaking students

School Education in SA – Sex for marks and cash: Matric girl pregnant, 3 teachers suspended

Blatant racism discrimination on whites: Several white teachers fired to accommodate blacks at Gauteng High School

Schools in SA are lawless institutions serving as training centers for criminals and not for educational purposes

‘Sex-For-Marks’ Scandal Rocks Eastern Cape School

Klipspruit West parents- Black teachers call our kids ‘coloured bastards’