Typical African ignorance – SA President, Cyril Ramaphosa went totally whacko – declared that white people stole land from blacks during Jan van Riebeeck’s period

ANC transformed the country into a disaster! In ANC-terms, the list of “transformational successes” is mind blowing, particularly seen in the context with the obsession with race representation at all costs, especially with regard to experience and skills

ANC-regime is blatantly misusing our money on its own election campaign, the Free State SOPA expenditure is going to cost the taxpayer more than R2 million

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After Pompeo Meeting, ANC regime will “brief” US Companies on Land Grab despite Ramaphosa denying there is a land grab…

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Mother tongue education, Nation building cannot be enforced by law

False SITA Accusations Regarding Boeremag Ghost Are Hypocritical and Aimed at Discrediting “Boeremag” and Bedevil Pretorius Family’s Court Cases

South African Government Pension Fund To Bail Out Left-Wing Media Group?

Leader of the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus), Piet Groenewald, said land expropriation without compensation would be a gross human rights violation.

‘Whose land will you take? Who is not our people?’ – Lekota

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