Bankrupt Mangaung Metro does not have money for service delivery, but can spend a whopping R4.5 million during a festival

Consumers are warned of second increase in VAT to make up for shortfalls that were stolen by ANC-politicians

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen with granite counter tops, you may want to check that the granite is not coming from your local graveyard

Nowadays fuel  are becoming a luxury in SA –  Motorists are going to cough up to fill that fuel tank

Government abandons TV project which has already cost taxpayer a whopping R10 billion

Government wasted R10 billion on digital migration project

More reason to bring out the candles – Eskom needs more money and was granted permission to increase electricity tariffs

R18 million project on hold due to poor workmanship by the contractor

This R8 million Mandela statue has left Mpumalanga residents furious

Excessively high fuel prices in South Africa are the result of an useless ANC government

Apparently Zuma is not the only one with a counting problem – It seems that NSFAS wrongly paid R500 million to students

Presidency lives in luxury with taxpayers’ hard-earned money and the rest of South Africa is struggling to keep head above water

Influence of Zuma and the Guptas is still sinking government entities – Denel struggles to pay salaries

Is that so? – South Africans not paying TV licenses blamed for collapsing the SABC

ANC’s formal website is shut down for the ruling party has not been paying for their services and owns R32.5-million in debt