ANC government focused on looting and not maintenance of infrastructure- over a period of 25 years they repeatedly showed that they are was unable to manage or govern

SA rail transport system plunged into chaos, train derailment and collision often occur due to infrastructure theft

Hoërskool Driehoek: Parliamentary answer confirms the negligence of Lesufi – ordinary people and learners had to suffer because ANC did not rule for all and target minorities for their own defects

Forget power cuts. What’s happening to our water supply is much more serious. After two decades of little or no maintenance of municipal sewerage plants, SA is vulnerable to medieval, water-borne diseases and something even more serious: thirst.

70 of the 190 ‘death trap’ schools flagged for structural defects – recent report has laid bare just how dire the situation at many South African schools really is

Major traffic warning – Johannesburg is closing down the M2 highway for repairs – SA roads and bridges are facing a crises due to lack of poor maintenance

Grahamstown’s thirst caused by inept officials and misrule from the ANC-regime

South Africa’s infrastructure built by whites over three centuries is now being destroyed by ANC politicians – Mayor of Stutterheim suspended after violent protests occurred in the town during which the municipal building and a clinic were burned down

Collapsing infrastructure highlights ANC government’s incompetence

Motsoaledi has ‘zero authority’ to help ailing hospitals

South Africa has deteriorated under ANC black rule and the country’s infrastructure is nearly totally destroyed

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Motsoaledi has ‘zero authority’ to help ailing hospitals

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