Over 1,000 Rhinos Poached Every Year as SA Government Struggles to Implement it’s Own Ban or Find a Solution

First Muslim prayer facility opened at Skukuza camp in the Kruger National Park – What next?

ANC Regime and Big Business Ignore Major Environmental Concerns Raised for Ocean Exploration and Drilling off the East Coast of SA

International Animal Rights Conservationist Languishes in Irish Asylum System Awaiting Protection Order

Open season for criminals in SA – Foreign film crew robbed at Silvermine

4 Male Lions escape from South Africa’s “largely fenced off” Kruger National Park

Multiculturalism, Globalism and “Democracy” Are Genociding Africa’s Oldest Race, the San Bushmen…

SA Navy Sleeping or Bribed? 6 Chinese Trawlers caught disappearing off radar in Sardine Run off Transkei coast

The African Way: “It’s MY Turn To Eat!” A Look Behind the Scenes When African Leaders Meet (Eat).

“Open Borders” & “Refugees Welcome” Destroying both Zimbabwe and South Africa just as it destroys European countries.

3 Days left to object to SACP/ANC taking custodianship of ALL Agricultural land in South Africa!

Dr. G. Stanton from Genocide Watch re-confirms Farm Murders are hate crimes.

Cyril Ramaphosa gets over $2.6-million Dollars for 3 Impala at game auction!

Chinese involved in ALL aspects, ALL levels and ALL countries in Ivory Trafficking and Poaching