The perils of being white in South Africa – The slaughter continues but it is being ignored by the world

TAU SA reacts sharply on blacks’ incitement and racial hatred fueled towards white people in SA during xenophobic violence

#Blackprivilege! SOWETO RESIDENTS’ ELECTRICITY BILL SURPASSES R18 BILLION – So cut their damn electricity! Why must the white minority subsidise their bills?

SA advocates form bar association with aim of tackling white male supremacy – it has to be about race, the White minority, the very same people that built the country? No wonder SA is such a mess

White minority in South Africa is under attack, mainstream media remains silent

They DON’T know how to farm, so SA Black farmers are selling land given to them by the government back to whites who originally owned the farms

Gigaba on land expropriation without compensation- Fears of the white minority in South Africa was “born out of their own racism”

A TYPICAL SOUTH AFRICAN BRAIN TEASER – how are they going to spin the VBS bank debacle in such a way that the white man is to blame for all of this?

Yes, it’s a genocide, ‘a bloody one’ too

Ernst and Kallie threatened by ANC, EFF supporters

You whites will lose everything,’ Malema tells bankers