Racist EFF Attacks “Eureka” White Settlement But Ignores Hundreds of Larger Blacks-only Towns Like Soweto Which is More Race Pure Than Orania, 1,000 Times Bigger AND Doesn’t Pay its Own Bills!

The City of Cape Town seeks urgent interdict after MyCiti staff attacked, Buses stoned

Businesses won’t pay the municipalities … but ESKOM directly

Burgemeester in Durban se assistent trek salaris van bykans R50 000 sonder enige kwalifikasies – Aaitsa maar dit is al te lekker!

’National govt meltdowns bad for municipalities’

DA protects corrupt officer in Mossel Bay despite of court ruling

Eskom Customers will be Paying Twice for their Electricity due to “The African Way”

Hundreds of large BLACKS ONLY Orania’s uncovered in SA, making the majority of people in SA hypocritical anti-white racists

White Slaves In South Africa: Black Municipality Raises Taxes by 16000% and disconnects Electricity as Blackmail