184 staff members of the Gauteng Health Services own private businesses and trade with government departments

Watch | This traffic officer went the extra mile as he tried to stop a motorist from dodging a fine

Admission lists for the registration of gr. 1- and gr. 8 pupils in 2020 at Afrikaans schools in Gauteng in chaos – no room for mother tongue education

Rising anti-mass immigration violence in Gauteng calls on political leaders to ask for military assistance to bring violence under-control – They speak out against attacks on foreigners but remain silent on farm murders

Cyril remains silent as SA burns to the ground

Malema calls for black people to redirect their anti immigrant anger at ‘white capital’ – uses opportunity to incite racist violence against whites – VIDEO

Twenty illegal schools in Gauteng closed down, black learners will now have to find a place for quality education elsewhere – We can only imagine where the ANC will relocate them now

Farm attackers torture victims during invasion, victims burned with iron and boiling water

Seven police officers arrested for allegedly attempting to resell confiscated goods

Law Officials that are supposed to protect and serve civilians are corrupt to the bone -13 Gauteng SAPS officers convicted of crime while 124 are awaiting trial and 3 for murder and attempted murder

What a shocker! – 38% op Police officers in Gauteng fail shooting competency

White lives don’t matter! Farm-owner succumbed to injuries after he was “made to drink poison” by attackers, police did not labelled this an official farm murder but home robbery instead

Missing: Mentally unstable policeman from Kwa-Thema – how was he recruited if he is mentally unstable?

Alliance ends, but how long will it last, since money speaks louder than political promises ?- Red Brigade wanted the mayorship in Tshwane, but DA wont surrender power to EFF

ATM crime increases – Gauteng the highest with 36% and Eastern Transvaal with 17%