Foreign investors sell R25bn worth of shares in SA

Durban mayor’s logic is questioned – wants to close Durban port to become independent of Western imperialism

Planned mass strike in banking sector blocked after interdict was brought to stop between 30,000 and 40,000 workers striking

SA taxpayers are among the highly taxed in the world – and it could get worse

The ANC is coming for your pensions to fund bankrupt SEO’s

Fitch Grade has just downgraded SA’s debt to negative and it seems Standard & Poor are short on their heels

SA pension pot under threat as government, whose debt is growing every year, looks for new funding sources as taxpayers could no longer be squeezed for more money

Economist says Zuma government cost taxpayers about R470bn – What a waste of good money!

Trump has caused quite a stir amongst the Libs in SA with his recent Tweet