The violence against farmers is ‘romanticized’ by South African politicians, Ernst Roets, deputy CEO of AfriForum tells Israeli TV (video)

Somalis from South Africa get Asylum in USA due to #BantuXenophobia, but not whites despite State Persecution, Farm Murders, Land Grabs, etc.?

Sri Lankan Civil Societies Outraged at South Africa’s Failure to Arrest Bashir Especially after SA helped “design” Sri Lanka’s Reconciliation process!

“Liberal Privilege” won’t save white liberals from being stabbed almost 40 times by black strangers for a phone.

Documents released by Britain prove Israeli involvement in Idi Amin’s Ugandan coup which led to Genocide of 500,000 including Indians and whites.

Brazilian starts Petition to get European South Africans the Right to Return to Europe causing UK’s Express to be xenophobic!

Exposed: Proof South Africa is a major Human Trafficking Destination & Transit country where SA passports are easy!

Helen Zille is gone, ANC is a murderous joke. Time for an Independent Cape NOW?

China declares war on Muslims. Xenophobia the non-violent authoritarian way.

Death toll in “Xenophobia” revised down to only 4. Zuma and gang taken to court by Zimbabweans

News24 removes reports of Farm Murders from its website and Police do not log them either.

Mandela’s Zombies skin Zimbabwean’s manhood alive and cut off his buttocks. #SouthAfricaMustFall

Despite “Xenophobia” and “Apartness” Africans risk their lives to get INTO South Africa

Xenophobia: Multiculturism FAILS in South Africa too! Finally the Rainbow Nation is exposed as a lie. Wake Up!