Statistics on farm attacks and farm murders in South-Africa that took place for the period January 2019: 36 farm attacks and 4 farm murders took place

Real farm murders statistics for 2018: 460 farm attacks and 64 farm murders – yet SA president says no farmers are being murdered

Manhunt launched after 10 terrorists invade farm near Philippi in the Western Cape

BLF claims that white blood will be spilt – Brutal racist attack by BLF Members on white female advocate at The Johannesburg High Court and no arrests made in-spite of witnesses and CCTV footage

Crimes committed against the elderly should be seen as crimes committed against the whole community 87-Year-old Woman Assaulted During House Robbery, New Brighton

Double standards at SAPS –  Attack at doctors living quarters get more attention than gruesome farm attacks and murders

WATCH! Black school boys in South Africa attack each other with pangas!

Black leaders advice South-African President to apologise to whites after his alleged “no killings” statement, saying it is “a national disgrace”


Farm attacks has surged following the ANC’s announcement of land expropriation without compensation

The story of a family in New South Africa who became victims of a farm attack

Totally unacceptable – President and Minister’s silence on farm murders

Yes, it’s a genocide, ‘a bloody one’ too

Parents threaten to burn down school after snake spits on pupil

The Farmer is The Farm That Produces YOUR Food – Killing the Farmer Kills the Farm and all the Food it Produces!