ANC piggy bank is empty – ANC regime owes municipalities R165 billion

ANC regime’s debt to SA municipalities exceeds R1bn

Eskom which is battling with R441 billion debt, won’t be privatized – ANC-regime’s plan to save the power supplier from ruin disappointing

ANC gives millions to Youth League even though they themselves are technically bankrupt according to Treasurer General

Soweto owes Eskom more than R17 billion, still receives free power – culture of non-payment has now become a legacy of the ANC struggle

Eskom’s municipal debt rises to R23.5 billion – Lets face it! Management and board of directors do not possess management skills to run this entity

Eskom – in return for R59bn bailout from National Treasury, Eskom must recover Soweto, municipal debt

Eskom drowning in debt, will need R69 billion to service its overflowing liabilities

ANC regime threatens financial survival of SA, Government debt increases every day

ANC regime gets billed for R100m for 35,000 election posters – The taxpayer will probably now have to shake his pockets to pay the bill?

National Treasury gives SA Express a R300 million bailout

Pay back the money Zuma! – Nkandla in VBS liquidators’ vision – cough up R7m or lose Nkandla

Bankrupt Eskom pleads for another government bailout as debt climbs beyond R450bn

It would take the ANC a thousand years to pay off debt if they were able to repay R100 per second

Ramaphosa approved new law that frees debt burden of millions of people – however, it is speculated that whites will be excluded from new legislation once again