Debt ridden Eskom shutting down power plants it can’t afford to fix and increasing the risk of #rollingblackouts- We can thank the incompetent ANC-regime for this!

Angered pupils ‘burn down Durban school’ after getting ‘bad marks’

Robbery caught on camera, police fail to take action

Former South African fatally wounded after shots being fired in broad daylight at Menlyn Maine mall

ANC wants to speed up expropriation process during Christmas holiday season

Huge water crisis looming in Greater Pretoria area – several black residential areas, including squatter camps in the area can be left without water

The perils of being white in South Africa – The slaughter continues but it is being ignored by the world

Be vigilant! Criminals won’t be taking holidays – Farm attacks, murders, rapes, home invasions will still be taking place and you can be the next statistic

Brutal farm attack in Hartbeespoort, man tied up, severely beaten, ear cut off

Coffin duo gets a lighter sentence after successful appeal

Van Reenen up in flames- traffic came to a halt after explosion on the famous route

Van Reenen pas in vlamme gehul – motoriste vir ure vertraag na ontploffing op die bekende roete uitbreek

Vioolsdrif sets new temperature record with 54°C, the highest temperature measurement in the world

Holidaymakers will now have to pay more for that long-awaited holiday due to rise in fuel prices

The City of Pretoria literally experienced a black Friday after two cash trucks were robbed