The NWO Plan For South Africa/Die NWO Plan Vir Suid-Afrika [Afrikaans Edition)

Will Zuma end like Qaddafi who was killed in a Western driven false color revolution that wants to give Malema the power?

Retired CIA Spy died two weeks after admitting CIA involvement in arresting mandela, a “communsit toy” in South Africa

20% of White People Have Genetic Resistance To HIV AIDS. NO OTHER Race Has This Natural Immunity

Helen Zille is gone, ANC is a murderous joke. Time for an Independent Cape NOW?

Is this the future for whites in South Africa? The Kalash people have already suffered White Genocide. Still think it is a fallacy or not possible?

Black man wants Apartheid back despite BBC reporter trying to brainwash him

The social genocide of White people in South Africa

Government to discuss Self Determination with Boer Afrikaner Volksraad

Land Claim for Restitution of Stellaland Boer Republic