Black businessman Patrice Motsepe was elected to the World Economic Forum in Davos 

Why the ANC is so desperate to nationalise the Reserve Bank even though it will be catastrophic for South-Africa in light of the major blow last week when the Rand weakened drastically after Ramaphosa’s announcement

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Cyril Ramaphosa’s Effort to Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions Thwarted

Lies, Lies and just more lies! It is absolutely sickening how Ramaphosa is deceiving the world by telling foreign investors at Davos that law and order are recovering in the SA, but in the same breath does not mention anything about the 50 killings that take place daily

SA does not have a rosy image as an investment destination – SA has been slithering down the WEF’s annual Global Competitiveness Index reaching 67 out of 140 countries

The constitution is getting in the way, take the land without compensation

Mugabe declared that Zimbabwe most developed country after SA at the World Economic Forum on Africa