Eskom crisis as not just a crisis but a potential disaster – Eskom Price Hike To Cost SA 90,000 Mining Jobs – Unemployment rates to rise, all thanks to Eskom!

ANC cannot govern or grow the economy of South-Africa, the 25 years of destruction proves this fact – Only a change in government can rectify the situation

ANC Achievements after 25 years of governing South-Africa

ANC took all the political power in SA, 25 years ago and launched initiatives such as BEE and Affirmative Action to help the previous disadvantage people, but why are these so called people still living in shacks, still going hungry, still unemployed and poor?

Cleaning project at Nelson Mandela Bay worth more than R5.8 million struggles to kick off, one can only imagine where taxpayers money disappear to if it is not being used for the original purpose, certainly into some very fortune politicians ‘wallet ?

A warning to SA government from Zimbabwe: Do not use land question to score political points!

Liar liar, pants on fire! – Ramaphosa blames apartheid and state capture for ailing economy

South Africa’s unemployment crisis: 69 000 jobs lost in four months

South Africa is currently on the verge of an economic collapse, with our corrupt government can one expect differently?

Ramaphosa launched the “YES” initiative today to win over youth

South-Africa has the highest unemployment rate of all countries in the world

ANC regime is the reason why South African citizens live in poverty

Nearly 50% of Northern Cape without jobs

Unemployment in SA rising amongst youth due to poor economic growth

Zuma states that poverty in South Africa began when land was taken away