Legal action demanded against KZN businessman after comparing people at a Richards Bay beachfront with baboons

WHY is President Ramaphosa silent about Farm Murders? Doubt his new role as Chairman of the African Union will change anything

White Population in SA subjected to slow genocide – 16 reported deaths in September alone

179 attacks and 20 farm murders in 2019 – Rape, burned, shot dead … How do we fight back?

BREAKING NEWS:- Another Farm Murder: Elderly couple slain in Western Cape

BLF-leader declared war on white people in South Africa – Calls for slaughtering of whites, including women and children

Voting DA, then think again! – DA in total denial about farm murders and farm attacks – DA Abroad condemns white genocide and any actions and protests arranged to address the matter

So called experts say that there is NO evidence of ‘white genocide’ in SA!

Malema: “Whites are the safest people in South Africa”

Afriforum’s Kriel – I don’t think apartheid was a crime against humanity

Malema – There is no white genocide happening in SA

#WHITEGENOCIDE: The Senseless, Politically Correct, Murder of Whites Carries On Unabated

Black Farm Murderer who “Hates Whites” shows middle finger to victims families in court

Will Zuma end like Qaddafi who was killed in a Western driven false color revolution that wants to give Malema the power?