ANC Achievements after 25 years of governing South-Africa

It seems that the entire ANC’s top structure was involved in the statecapture – No wonder SA is experiencing financial difficulties and to top it all, they are covering for each other

Cyril Ramaphosa trying to explain away his conduct for the past few months. Should we really believe you!

Transnet mediese fonds bankrot?

Des Van Rooyen lost no time in the treasury

Transnet:- CEO Gama, two other officials suspended

Confirmation from Treasury – Eskom looting was an inside job

Costly Head winds pummel the South African Airways

Transnet pensioners dying in poverty

New Interim Board Appointed At Transnet after Gordhan removed all remaining directors

Victory in constitutional court for Transnet pensioners

Total collapse of state-owned enterprises under Minister Brown

Business Leadership South Africa suspends Eskom and Transnet

Business Leadership South Africa kicks out Eskom‚ Transnet

Transnet mediese fonds bankrot?