ANC regime threatens financial survival of SA, Government debt increases every day

Taxpayers will now have to bailout the Ramaphosa regime after Moody lost patience with SA’s poor economic situation and proposes a tax increase

The Rand remains on a rollercoaster of volatility -the currency continued to weaken due to the heightened global growth risks after talk of financial bailout for Eskom

Foreigners are dumping SA bonds at a rate of almost R2 billion ($132 million) a day as junk status looms

National Health Plan is going to need at least R180bn to R250bn for 12-month spending – with SA’s faltering economy that’s a disproportionate amount

Economic recession awaits SA due to poor performance of the rand and begging mentality of state entities

Junk status winks for Mangaung Metro with liabilities exceeding assets; officials receive generous salaries and cellphone stipends, while levels of service delivery are non-existent

Election cost taxpayers billions of rand, SA’s struggling economy has taken a step closer towards junk status

The Rand is firm for now, but Moody’s delays ratings move!

Junk status looms after mid-term budget fails to inspire confidence – It is not looking good for SA