South Africa in shambles: Did somebody say it’s a “Sh**hole”?

South Africa: The collapse of all State Owned Entities such as Eskom, SAA, SABC etc are all falling apart due to corruption, incompetent management as a result of BEE and government interference

Just something to think about with regards to SA taxes that will leave you shocked!

ANC Achievements after 25 years of governing South-Africa

How is it possible to fly a large aircraft without proper licensing and qualifications – what does it say about SAA?

Suspended NPA boss hired to clean up SAA’s mess – SAA, who has been bankrupt after years of mismanagement and corruption now wants to make a turnaround – Is it to late?

It is reported that Cyril has no solid economic policy, is that why he is just borrowing money from everywhere?

Once again taxpayers will have to pay for the sins of the ANC-regime – SAA, Post Office and other ailing SOEs to receive billions in cash-bailouts

Bain & Company won’t be stepping down in state capture allegations

John Steenhuisen: “ANC-regime turned the state capture into state collapse”

R59 million of taxpayers money will be spent to bail out bankrupt state entities

Costly Head winds pummel the South African Airways

Brace yourself, tougher times are still ahead

I see a bad moon rising – ANC has embarked on a policy path of radical populism in order to stay in power

After a Quarter Century of Black Rule in SA, “Blacks” Still Blame “Whites” For EVERYTHING! When will blacks appropriate accountability, responsibility, duty and honour?