SAA’s wings cut – bankrupt SOE can only pay salaries in January

ANC regime has driven SA into bankruptcy over a 25-year period

Cash-strapped SAA cancels 38 domestic and international flights

SAA director resigns from his post amid crisis at state entity

BEE has de-industrialised SA, pushed it backwards in time – The oppressed has become the oppressor, and technological advancement is no longer possible as we enter the New Sanitation Dark Age

A New Year & A New Decade: More Communist Self Enrichment, Globalist Destruction of Identity & The African Way. You AiNtCeen Nothing Yet!

SA sport will follow the same path as SAA, Eskom with ANC interference” – Regime is simply unable to manage country, entities or municipalities

SAA: More unions want to strike after Gordhan’s attempt at wage and severance dispute fails

Pravin Gordhan says cash-strapped SAA may have no money for salaries this month

SAA strike costing R52 million a day and with a bankruptcy record it could mean the end of the entity

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Rothschilds the new Guptas? – Rothschild family accused of preying on South Africa’s state-owned enterprises

Ramaphosa rejects privatization of SOE’s although the whole lot is poorly managed by incompetent staff, and cost SA billions of rands