South-Africa: Since apartheid was abolished, 1,000,000 people have been raped, 500,000 killed

R65m laundered through one of SA’s biggest unions – deceased mine workers pensions plundered by Satawu

Black Business Council senior businessman and buddies receive bail after they stole about R5.7 million

US ‘disappointed’ at South African government for extraditing former minister to Mozambique and wanted him to face corruption charges in America

eThekwini mayor Zandile, ally of former president Jacob Zuma, in hot water over R25 million toilet scam

Orange prison garb awaits former general manager of municipality who stole R230,000 for next 6 years after convicted of fraud and corruption

Anything and everything are on-hold when it comes to Cyril until after the elections, I just see a lot of question marks – Public Protector’s probe into Cyril Ramaphosa shelved until post-elections (did you notice the red ties, this is a trademark of the NWO)

Some very expensive toilets I say! – Mayor of eThekwini in Hawks vision for allegations of money laundering, fraud and corruption after more than R25 million was spent on the rent and cleaning of chemical toilets

Cheeky Watson pleads ‘not guilty’ to charges of fraud and money laundering

Facts to know on what is the “Great VBS Bank Heist” all about?

Jacob Zuma News:- State will pay legal fees until court rules otherwise

Zuma warns critics: ‘Do not provoke me’ or else…

‘My dad is a victim of white monopoly capital’, Edward Zuma

Don’t give in to Zuma’s ‘demands’ in exit talk— DA