God Help Us! Forget Virus Lockdown, Will SA Survive Bumbling ANC Regime Who Forget Social Distancing as They Enforce #Prohibition & #Totalitarianism & Give Up 21 Days of Alcohol Tax For Stasi Powers!

Shocking! 4,174 members of the SAPS have criminal records, for a variety of crimes such as assault, theft, kidnapping and fraud

Well well, ‘Captain Hat’ Bheki Cele expected to clear the air about rumoured SAPS strike, O REALLY!

Well ‘Mr’ Bheki Cele, your ‘Honorable minister’, do you really think you can control your people

Bheki Cele to give overdue promotions to SAPS officers, now the question is, how many whites are included?

DA – Lennit Max, special advisor to Police Minister Bheki Cele must resign

Mbalula’s solutions to crime: tactical units‚ increase booze tax -Seriously?

Mbalula delivers crime stats, vows to crack down on ‘lazy’ police efforts

Oops! Mbalula red-faced as arrest triumph becomes PR nightmare – Police arrested funeral-goers

Fikile Mbalula: Most farmers are not a “bunch of racists”

Mbalula warns crime intelligence over its own ‘criminal’ elements

Banana republics export bananas – Relax, South Africa It’s all under control