Double Standards: The K-WORD is worse than blowing up whites with limpet mines – legal system is not there to protect whites

Double Standards Un freaking Believable!! Malema’s white people ‘slaughter’ comments not hate speech – If we had to turn this around and said the same thing we all know what would have happened

Double standards at SAPS –  Attack at doctors living quarters get more attention than gruesome farm attacks and murders

Neo Mongwaketse, Absa manager: “Your white shit arrogance lead to that torture and for white like you, I feel no pity”

Racist ANC, MEC declares that all white South Africans are rapists

Charges laid, social media racist attacks by SAPS and SANDF members

Double Standards A Symptom Of The Fundamental Differences

Double Standards – Mainstream media is silent about racial hatred towards whites

Five #BlackMonday activists who took part in the protest against farm murders have appeared in courts

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