Expropriation of White Land Without Compensation Not Enough For Militant Black Supremacist Groups Like ANCYL & BCF Who Are Training Blacks in SA on Gun Handling, Military & Guerilla Tactics

The controversial Gangster State books and apartheid flags fill up ANCYL garage, so they are keeping keepsakes, how awesome #FREEDOMOFSPEECH

ANCYL in KZN vows to support Zuma during his trail

Cops fire rubber bullets as ANCYL, Nehawu marchers clash

ANCYL North West condems Premier office involvement in investigation

Escalating political murders – ANC Youth League in KZN want to take up weapons

KZN ANCYL leader ‘brutally assassinated in front of family’

Malema lying about ‘personalised invitation’ to Magaqa’s funeral – KZN ANCYL

ANCYL ordered SA citizens to apologize to to Zuma for all the insults they’ve rained on him – what a joke!