Bloemfontein succumbs to the African Way and is placed under administration – governance has totally collapsed. Like Eskom, black management have no solutions…

Transnet wasted almost R50 billion, most of which is used to buy trains that cannot be used in SA

12 Municipalities in the Eastern Transvaal are under suspicion of mismanagement and corruption – R2 billion worth of wasteful expenditure incurred

How do you explain it? Only 18 of the 257 municipalities in South Africa are functionally correct

It is to believe that the new law in SA will hold government officials responsible for lost and stolen money, but with our corrupt ANC regime will justice really prevail?

Three issues holding up the proposals for SA farmer visa for Australia

Auditor-General is struggling to conduct audits due to personnel receiving threats by municipal officials

All they know is how to spend money:- Auditor General: Irregular spend at ‘all-time high’

Presidency lives in luxury with taxpayers’ hard-earned money and the rest of South Africa is struggling to keep head above water


It is OK to abuse tax money as long as you beat a ‘deadline’ when a new law comes into effect