Senior ANC official dissatisfied with his second-hand Mercedes Benz which costs taxpayers R103,776 monthly and seeks brand new one – No wonder SA is broke!

ANC regime gets billed for R100m for 35,000 election posters – The taxpayer will probably now have to shake his pockets to pay the bill?

Street names in Ekurhuleni will soon get new street names that will be named after major ANC political icons – What a waste of taxpayers money

#ParasiticParastatal – SA Express is just another bottomless pit swallowing taxpayers’ money

State Treasury plundering continues – your tax money will fund Eskom with a further R59bn

ANC regime is going to throw more money funded by taxpayers into the bottomless pit of Eskom, amounts are unknown

You, the taxpayer are going to pay for Eskom’s failures and probably Soweto’s debt too – Tax increase on the cards

Zuma has to pay more than R16 million for years of court cases sponsored by taxpayers’ money

Poor workmanship and unfinished work by BEE company cost taxpayers R102 million

But will officials abide? – Massive changes for how municipalities can spend your money – here’s what you need to know

170 Farm Attacks and 20 Farm Murders but an exorbitant inauguration costing taxpayers R120 million, took place – what an enormous amount to spend on a one-off and unnecessary ceremony such as this

Election cost taxpayers billions of rand, SA’s struggling economy has taken a step closer towards junk status

City of Tshwane residents, this is where your tax money is going to – Tshwane spends R60 000 daily on abandoned business park

Gordhan: Eskom will survive – Yes, with taxpayers’ money to save the state entity of bankruptcy

Economist says Zuma government cost taxpayers about R470bn – What a waste of good money!