Well ‘Mr’ Bheki Cele, your ‘Honorable minister’, do you really think you can control your people

These people are definitely ‘high as a kite’:- The Dagga Party wants to #HotboxTheHouse as it aims to contest elections

Government wants to speed up the process to steel land to dune as a motivation for black voters to support the ANC in the coming elections

This is how election campaigns work in SA, you give a free T-shirt and the vote is yours

ANC looks to China for election strategy and tactics

EFF boasts with only 1 vote during  municipal elections

ANC’s fight to the death – Welcome to the dirty war!

Zuma offered R2bn payoff – Even a tokoloshe won’t work to get rid of Zuma

Could Geert Wilders be heading to a 2-3% victory in Dutch Elections? SA-News thinks so.

SA-News predicts a Trump win for the same reasons as BRexit won. Independence Day 2.0

The Cape Party’s 20 Point Agenda for Local Government in The Cape, Towards Independence:

Will Zuma end like Qaddafi who was killed in a Western driven false color revolution that wants to give Malema the power?

Retired CIA Spy died two weeks after admitting CIA involvement in arresting mandela, a “communsit toy” in South Africa

Proof Google Can and Will Manipulate Elections by up to 25% to favor their candidate (Clinton) without anyone knowing or leaving a paper trail!

We demand a secret No Confidence vote, Dissolution of Parliament and a General Election!