SAA’s wings cut – bankrupt SOE can only pay salaries in January

Cash-strapped SAA cancels 38 domestic and international flights

SAA director resigns from his post amid crisis at state entity

SA Airline shocks the country after flight incident – faulty, secondhand component of Mango Boeing turns passengers’ flight into nightmare

SAA pilots willing to strike to ‘save’ national airline – will be a first in its 80-year existence

National Treasury gives SA Express a R300 million bailout

How much taxpayers money has been thrown into SAA’s black hole to stay afloat?

Struggling airline under ANC control is apparently under extremely difficult financial circumstances and will now be rescued by commercial banks – This is the result of corruption and incompetence, celebrated in the ANC ranks

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, but is this the right thing to do? After all financial losses occurred due to incompetence, negligence and corruption – SAA is borrowing R3.5bn from local banks

SAA airline finds itself in a perpetual debt trap that it just can’t escape from without government bailouts – all this because of incompetent ANC politicians, mismanagement and corruption

Fraud and theft behind SAA bankruptcy – SAA’s debt is currently R15 billion more than its assets, and banks will no longer lend the airline any money

All aboard the money flight – SAA executive consultants paid R16 million salaries


Cash-strapped SAA go on spending spree to address skills shortage

Airlaine SA Express has been grounded amid serious safety concerns