EFF’s Gardee: Racist Boer pastor’ Buchan’s event should be blown up – This is an incitement to violence and he should be prosecuted

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ANC regime’s debt to SA municipalities exceeds R1bn

Zuma pretending to be ill to escape jail time like his former friend Schabir Shaik?

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R100 – that’s how much Soweto residents want to pay Eskom for electricity each month

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The Department of Tourism is setting up a ridiculous trap gate costing taxpayers R4.5 million to promote tourism

SA Investment Conference does not create expectations for a better economy

Eskom with debt burden of more than R450 billion cuts power supply to parts of Soweto due to default

ANC’s 30,000 election posters cost R100 million

SA has a national debt of R3 trillion rand and tax deficit of R53 million

SA, the country once known as the most prosperous one on the African continent, is downgraded by Moody’s to position near to junk status

R6bn needed to renovate Gauteng hospitals – National Health Plan may be on ice