Knowing that the brightest employees in the Government are White, so now the Government wants public servants to retire at 55, just another sly move to get rid of white people

SAPD appoints criminals in the force, but obviously their salaries are not enough:- Families pay ‘ransom’ to Pretoria cops for the release of Bangladeshi migrants

Award-winning author Dianne stabbed 14 times in Wynberg

WATCH | Pretoria woman assaulted by two police officers and caught on camera

Criminals in ranks! – Gauteng SAPD officers, amongst truck hijacking suspects – What is becoming of the SAPD force one has to ask?

Corruption in the South African police force are getting out of hand – 9 officers arrested on charges of corruption

SAPS promotions will cost taxpayers nearly R650 million – Sixteen of them are now dead, but that won’t be standing in the way of their police careers and six have already been fired from the SA Police

Worst is yet to come in SA! Police to promote MK, Apla freedom fighters to top rank, former MK and Apla members in the police service will then be officers

Disturbing how 800 firearms were lost or stolen from police officers, as well as 18 000 firearms from public sector that just disappeared into thin air

A total of 78 killers, 29 rapists fired from the South-African police force

SAPD officer found drunk, passed out and armed at Durban Mall

Police buildings are a safe haven … for criminals

Flying squad officers arrested for kidnapping‚ hijacking and armed robbery

3 500 uncertified police officers are still carrying and using their firearms

National firearms investigation – SAPS could be liable for crimes committed with stolen police guns