Not at all something to be proud of! – SA has a third-rated army. Soldiers are poorly trained – Strength is equivalent to what it was in 1930

VIDEO: Liberalism At Its Finest: Materialism, Consumerism, Ego, Drugs, Guns & Real Bullets in the Coloured (Mixed Race) Heartland of Socialist South Africa

SANDF cannot prevent illegal immigration due to lack of finance, nor is it trained to combat urban civilian violence on Cape Flats

VIDEO: Australia Becomes Complicit in Genocide! Denies Asylum to Victim of Racist Rapist Who “liked seeing white people suffer”!

Something is fishy, indulge us… what peacekeeping efforts? – South Africa gets R728 million paycheck from the UN for ‘peacekeeping’

Does the SANDF still have the ability to ‘protect’ South-Africa?

The National Defense Force is looking for white recruits to join the army

Mbalula says ‘SA Army will be used to fight crime’ in Cape Town, Gauteng

Lesotho’s former Army Chief assassinated by Soldiers – USA surprisingly takes note and is “Deeply Concerned”.