SA is one of 8 states threatened by famine – All the more reason for competent governance!

VIDEO: Diabolic Sex Program from United Nations, Comprehensive Sexual Education for Primary School Children, is horrific

The AfriForum farming wing (Southern African Agriculture Initiative (SAAI) plans to take farm murder issues to the United Nations

What a scandal and disgrace:- South African soldiers guilty of assaulting teenager while peacekeeping in DRC

Something is fishy, indulge us… what peacekeeping efforts? – South Africa gets R728 million paycheck from the UN for ‘peacekeeping’

After Pompeo Meeting, ANC regime will “brief” US Companies on Land Grab despite Ramaphosa denying there is a land grab…

The Swine! – Watch video where Ramaphosa lies through his teeth over farm murders and illegal land grabs

Would you test for HIV in your living room?

SA deploys more women UN peacekeepers to curb sexual abuse

Would you test for HIV in your living room?

The True Reason behind the sacking of Gordan and what will happen next

World Supremacists Gather at United Nations to plot Final Solution for Global Domination and destruction of all nations, all cultures, all religions, all races into one!

Supremacist U.N. uses drought to encourage further enslavement of Southern Africa by “International Community”, again…

Ban Ki Moon adds to PACK OF LIES World Leaders Tell, Which Push Disillusioned People To Join ISIS!

ANC regime officially classed as an Apartheid State due to Black Apartheid Laws. We hereby charge the ANC with the crime of Apartheid!