Grim weekend of farm attacks this Easter but our Government has decided to not recognize the brutal attacks that is ripping families apart

The Road Accident Fund disaster – Victims could be left destitute, despite the high fuel levy we pay for accident insurance

Gauteng family endures Valentine’s Day nightmare – Family members were robbed and their eldest daughter raped

SA-families are not safe in their own home and fear for their lives – Barberton family held hostage and tortured for six hours after six armed terrorists broke into their home

Hijackings skyrocket in KZN along with scary new trend where victims are now being abducted by attackers

Horrific! Editor of the Citizen thought it would be hilarious to mock SA farm murder victims – This man is a disgrace!

A quarter of a century later, after FW de Klerk and Tutu set up the Presidents Fund, thousands of victims of the apartheid era are still waiting for compensation, fingers are now pointing to ANC regime who might have exploited the funds

New hijacking trick hits Gauteng – Police issued a warning after two motorists fell victim on the same day using the same method

Couple badly assaulted for two mobile phones, Potchefstroom, South Africa

Barbaric torture, rape and murder in South African farm attacks

Brutal farm attack in Rayton, 2 hour horrific ordeal for five victims

Another state institution bites the dust – Government’s RAF has a shortage of money

The story of a family in New South Africa who became victims of a farm attack

6 Farm attacks and 2 farm murders took place on Sunday, Man fatally shot, woman injured in Komatipoort farm attack

National Prosecuting Authority must be queried if more farm murder cases are withdrawn