20,000 Unlicensed weapons destroyed by SAPS

Police woman rents out her service pistol to criminals for R30 000 to rob her units office

SAPS biggest source for distributing illegal ammunition! – Shocking figures show that 4 357 firearms and 9.5 million rounds of ammunition were lost in six years

60,000 Guns Unaccounted For in SA – 24 Guns Lost or Stolen Everyday

FARM ATTACK:- Suspects with balaclavas

It is starting to ‘rain blood’ with all the farm attacks the past week – (1) Six armed attackers overpower, tie up farmer, Ngodwana

An outstanding victory by GOSA for all firearm owners in SA

Disturbing how 800 firearms were lost or stolen from police officers, as well as 18 000 firearms from public sector that just disappeared into thin air

Do the ruling communist ANC government actually think that by removing guns will stop crime in South Africa?

Robbers stole 50 firearms during robbery in the Eastern Cape

Self-Defence Gun Ban – The ANC Government Wants You Murdered

It is the new South Africa, nothing is impossible anymore! – SAPS loses control of firearms

Stolen guns found buried in back yard of a Port Elizabeth shack Five hunting rifles and a handgun were stolen from a game farm in Steytlerville

Firearms stolen during attack on police station

Constable arrested for theft of 18 guns at police station