Fidelity guards buried R2.9m of stolen money in their back yard in ice-cream containers and refuse bags

SANDF has arrested more 406 and convicted more than 1700 soldiers in the past 12 months

Police crime record is on the rise – Two Metro Police members of Pretoria caught with a stolen vehicle in their possession

SAPS rotten with corruption, even members in top ranks are criminals and offenders – Former police commissioner arrested on charges of fraud

Five Chinese nationals arrested for human trafficking and prostitution in Polokwane

EFF councilor from Limpopo arrested after alleged involvement in robberies

Bloody Rapist! Where’s the outcry of this brutal rape? The Dros case are but an embryo compare to this!

This is totally the most sickest, most psychotic thing any person could do – South-African man Arrested For Having Sex With Cat: Buffelsdraai – KZN

SAPS constable caught in action when trying to smuggle drugs and weapons into Western-Cape prison

Brits police officer was arrested last week for his alleged involvement in a cash-in-transit heist

Hope you rot in jail! – Two found guilty, Balfour farm attack, violent rape, murder of family

Constable arrested for theft of 18 guns at police station

Teenager draws gun during fight, Trenance Park library, KZN

Off-duty JMPD officer arrested after attempting to solicit a R3k bribe

Gupta brother and associate arrested this morning