A New Year & A New Decade: More Communist Self Enrichment, Globalist Destruction of Identity & The African Way. You AiNtCeen Nothing Yet!

14 SOEs rack up more than R1.4 billion in irregular expenditure

Weapon manufacturer Denel has quietly acquired a contract worth R6.3 billion for the export of weaponry

Trade unions are rejecting ANC’s plans to sell non-performing SOE’s

Cash-strapped state arms company, Denel failed to supply R250 million worth of military Casspirs to the government of Chad after already receiving R100 million deposit

Thank you SA for voting ANC – SA is broke thanks to the thieving done by ANC cadres in government

Taxpayers will now have to bailout the Ramaphosa regime after Moody lost patience with SA’s poor economic situation and proposes a tax increase

Cash strapped Denel asks ANC regime for cash injection of R2.8 billion to pay employees salaries and remuneration

ANC-regime stretching public finances by issuing bailouts to keep bankrupt SEO’s afloat – Denel requests a R2.8bn bailout from government

Ramaphosa rejects privatization of SOE’s although the whole lot is poorly managed by incompetent staff, and cost SA billions of rands

State-owned Denel has cash flow problems and can only pay workers a portion of their salaries

Now in charge of solving SA’s jobs crisis: one minister who tried to cover up Nkandla, and one who helped try to sell Denel to the Guptas

South Africa in shambles: Did somebody say it’s a “Sh**hole”?

BREAKING NEWS:- 44 Companies with more whites workforce facing fine of R1.5m by Department of Labour

State-owned arms manufacturer, Denel slammed for appointing a white male as the group chief executive