Malema slams patriarchy after his wife was asked to take out fake manicured nail with scissors before at voting point

Your Vote DOES Count in SA’s Proportional Representation System – Do The Math. Not Voting Strengthens The ANC’s Vote

Reserve Banking Nationalization might just be a stunt to retain votes for the ANC?

Latest corruption: 62% of reported fraud was committed by officials, all of them employed by the ANC and DA figures – no wonder white voters are reluctant to vote

Here are the obscure and the infamous Political Parties, the ‘shopping list’: All 48 parties contesting the 2019 Elections (video)

Only senior ANC members have the sole right to elect SA’s president while expertise and reliability are not necessarily taken into account, meanwhile millions of voters must be satisfied with the decision

Despite his promise of a “new dawn”, Ramaphosa can’t stop the ANC-regime’s decline, even with a win at the polls

South Africans may now vote without an address next year! – Wonder how many illegal voters are now being smuggled across the borders to push up the ANC voting numbers?

Eastern Transvaal election campaign: Vote ANC and you get a house, in one case a bed, a toilet and a stove was promised as a bonus

Expropriation without compensation is a done deal – all that’s left is the formalities

The ANC plan…and why they won’t be stopped

Deny White Men The Right To Vote Then Steal Their Assets – Huffington Post

Importing “refugees” and Giving them Citizenship or Residency is MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD, Human Trafficking, Treason and Genocide!

I am the Afrikaner