Suspects responsible for the spate of truck hijackings in Delmas area were dressed in police uniforms and those of South African Revenue Service

Stolen vehicle found full of explosives after farm attack – suspicion exists that attackers may want to use it to commit other crimes

Major breakthrough in murders at retirement home – Female caregiver at retirement centre is a suspect

Teacher involved in the kidnapping of 6-year-old Amy-Leigh

Stash of SAPS protective gear , ammunition and weapons recovered during raid, two arrested – How did the criminals obtain the SAPS items?

The African Way, always space for one more even if it involves sheep! Police recovered 30 stolen sheep in taxi in Eastern Cape – 5 suspects arrested

Five arrested after gruesome Boshof farm murder where couple were tied up, brutally beaten, shot

Justice is served! Irate mob castrates, beats ‘rapist’ to death – community are tired of crime and now takes law into own hands

Suspect arrested for attempted murder: Bellair str – Brackendowns

Another farm attack:- father and daughter seriously injured by more than 8 attackers, Fochville

Not reported by mainstream media: Farm Attack: Elderly couple shot during farm attack on Primkop Farm

Criminals in ranks! – Gauteng SAPD officers, amongst truck hijacking suspects – What is becoming of the SAPD force one has to ask?

Brits police officer was arrested last week for his alleged involvement in a cash-in-transit heist

Buffelspoort farm attack – Couple assaulted and tied up during home-invasion

Four men bought toy guns and went on to rob a nearby shop